STO36 – How to Write Copy that Sells with Jon Benson

STO36 – How to Write Copy that Sells with Jon Benson

By on Jun 16, 2014 in Podcast | 4 comments


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Copywriting is one of the most valuable skills to have as an effective marketer. It is the art of strategically delivering words (spoken or written) that compel people to take an action, whether it be reading the rest of your blog post or buying your awesome new product.

Years ago, Jon Benson discovered that video sales letters was the way of the future for many niches; a way that would allow readers to not only read words, but actually hear them. Thus, the “ugly video sales letter” was born.

Since then, “ugly” video sales letters have earned billions of dollars, and one that Jon wrote personally is, to this day, the most successful ugly video sales letter ever written.

What Jon did with Video Sales Letters and copywriting is truly genius, and his copy is also the result of many products climbing to the top of the Clickbank Marketplace, where they sit and rake in the dough.

It hasn’t always been blue skies and green fields for Jon Benson, though – and in my interview with him, we talk about some of his challenges and failures and how you can learn (and profit) from them.


  • The ONE habit that Jon attributes most to his success: ___________.
  • How to write copy that builds influence, grows your authority and ultimately makes more money.
  • Why concentrating on one thing at a time is SO important to your success.
  • Why having a __________ can be the difference-maker between failure and success.
  • The biggest mistake people are making in writing sales letters or videos (and how to avoid making this mistake yourself).
  • The “fact sheet benefit list” method that the late Gary Halbert taught and recommended every copywriter use.
  • Why Jon uses the “trusted-advisor” method for cross-checking his ideas and copy and why you should too.
  • The power of aligning your services with the core values of your customers so that you move from trying to convince them to buy your product into compelling them to believe in something valuable.


  • Be unique! Stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  • Sit down and ask yourself, “what’s the most unique thing about my product?” Is it time-based? Feature-based? Results-based? Service-based? (and so on)
  • When you get stuck on writing copy, go back to writing down the benefits of your product or service.
  • Write every reason somebody wouldn’t buy your product (think of every angle).  Then turn those reasons into reasons TO BUY (this is called addressing objections).
  • Devote a few hours a day to learning the ART of sales copy –  learn, master, and apply!
  • List every single fact about your product and couple those facts with a benefit.
  • Spend as much time you need in working on your headlines and hooks. These are the most important aspect of copywriting.
  • Avoid using the words “you know…” in your letter and replace it with words like “by now you realize…”
  • Change the words “they” or “people” into “YOU” to make it more conversational and about the reader.
  • Always write in the language of your prospects’ desires. Make them feel your letter was specifically written to them.



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  • Joel Tetzner

    I truly love your show…however the audio quality of the guest today was horrible. I struggled to follow what he was saying.

    • John Dennis

      Hey Joel, I’m glad you enjoy the show! I apologize for the audio quality – while on the interview, he sounded just fine… then in post edit I noticed there were some times where he was hard to understand. I did feel, though, that the tips and strategies Jon shared were so valuable that even though at times he is hard to understand, the parts you can understand are worth hearing. But again, I *really* do appreciate your feedback!

  • Pat

    I don’t notice the audio problem. Great interview. Jon, I follow your youtube and free trainings. You give away unbelievably good stuff. As they say in sports, look at the scoreboard, Jon’s former students have earned and attribute over a billion dollars in sales to Jon’s program.

    • Venu raj

      I am trying to find few students and interested to work with them. Can you recommend a few of them?