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By on Feb 19, 2015 in review | 4 comments

Hello everyone, huge thanks for coming over to participate in this marketing contest. We went over the step by step process of creating a winning autoresponder sequence for your email marketing efforts. You might remember that on the latest post on Moneydiver we discussed setting up an autoresponder sequence to create an effective webinar marketing campaign.

Well you now have the tools to do so!

I want you to look around this website and bookmark it because it is an excellent resource for your marketing efforts. Here’s a couple on email marketing you will enjoy:

I also suggest that you sign up to the newsletter and download the 5 Step Lead Magnet Checklist.

Contest Participation: In order to participate to win a lifetime premium membership to and get all of the themes and plugins for marketing ever created, here’s what you have to do:

1. Subscribe and leave a honest review for the moneydiver marketing podcast on itunes

2. Answer the following question and post your answer in the comments below at this page:

“According to John, How Long Should Your Autoresponder Sequence Be?”

Based on the most comprehensive answer, a winner will be selected.

Again, thank you so much.

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  • Barbara Gregory

    he mentioned that some sequences go as long as one year but that might be to much, one week daily emails is best says john

  • jerry neuman

    Do we get the plugin and the theme?

  • jerry neuman

    up to a month in length sounds about right to set up an auto sequence, good show bora keep it up

  • thomas rutledge

    John send emails everyday to stay relevant from the day people sign up to his list.